AAVV Goodymusic The Best

Goodymusic The Best

Catalog number: GMP 001

Barcode: 8068381716608

Label: Goodymusic Production

Support: CD

Year: 2005

Genre: Disco

Biography and Discography of AAVV Goodymusic The Best

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N Title Time Audio MP3 Wav Video
1 Artist: Macho
I'm A Man (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00111
2 Artist: Peter Jacques Band
Walking On Music (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00112
3 Artist: Revanche
You Get High In N.Y.C. (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00113
4 Artist: Rudy
Just Take My Body (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00114
5 Artist: Midnight Gang
Midnight Game (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00115
6 Artist: Peter Jacques Band
Devil's Run (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00116
7 Artist: Macho II
Not Tonight (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00117
8 Artist: Peter Jacques Band
Is It It ? (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00118
9 Artist: Peter Jacques Band
Welcome Back (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00119
10 Artist: Macho
Hear me calling (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00120
11 Artist: Peter Jacques Band
Fire Night Dance (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00121
12 Artist: Revanche
Music Man (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00122
13 Artist: Rudy
Thank You Baby (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00123
14 Artist: Peter Jacques Band
Counting On Love One Two Three (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00124
15 Artist: Tony Adam feat. Orlando Johnson
If You Come Back (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-04-00126
16 Artist: Revanche
1979 It's Dancing Time (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00125
17 Artist: Macho
Roll (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00126
18 Artist: Macho II
Mamma Mia (Mother's Love) (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-05-00127

01 written by: Steve Winwood
02, 06, 10 and 12 written by: M. Malavasi - A. Taylor
03, 11, 16 written by: M. Malavasi - A. Taylor - J. F. Petrus
04 written by: P. Gianolio - A. Taylor
05 written by: M. Tansini
07 written by: C. Valli - P. Slade
08 and 14 written by: M. Malavasi - P. Slade
09 written by: M. Malavasi - L. Vandross
13 written by: R. Trevisi - A Taylor
15 written by: A. Adamo - D. Donato - O. Johnson
17 and 18 written by: C. Valli - F. Floyd

Project and realization by John Joseph Spinetoli
Project Production Claudio Donato for Goodymusic Production Srl